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Dora and Friends Royalties Sell for Twice the Asking Price

  One of the latest auctions featured on Royalty Exchange just closed at...

Buried by Streaming Data? Dig out! Here’s How.

This article outlines the challenges Publishers and PRO’s face when tracking and reporting song performance data for royalty payment. It describes how new analytics software called ARIA (Accelerating Royalty Insights with Analytics) addresses these challenges by providing greater transparency into song performance data.

5 Ways to Collect More International Music Royalties

Every year songwriters, composers and music publishers around the world lose tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed royalties. Read this article by music administration expert, Keatly Haldeman, and learn five ways to collet more international royalties.

Editorial Commentary, 11/6/ 2014

There were loads of royalty topics in the news this week. Read my Editorial Commentary to see what features Royalty Insider covers this week.

This Technology is Music’s new Best Friend!

Shazam and other music identification technologies are fostering music discovery and providing a direct path to encourage users to purchase — music making them music’s new best friend. Read this article to get lots of interesting details on these technologies’ influence on music.

Tactics for Music’s Changing Times!

For music, “the upside is creativity is limitless”, says Christine Infanger, music advocate and marketing expert. This feature reminds us to make space for creativity as a positive force that can help the music industry successfully move through it’s current challenges and change. Read this article and learn about an innovative and creative music marketing campaign.

Taylor Swift’s Spotify Royalties. Wow!

Andrew Unterberger,   The celebratory tone of this featured...

Songwriter, Mike Dekle, Reinvests his Royalties

In this Royalty Insider exclusive interview, we talked to Mike Dekle about his decision to sell royalties at auction. If you own royalties, you’ll not want to miss reading this interview.

3 Ideas to Grow Royalty Income

Royalties from Streaming haven’ t really panned out yet to benefit songwriters. The good news, royalties from streaming are just one part of what makes up a songwriter’s income. Read this article for ideas on growing royalty income.

Editorial Commentary, 10/29/2014

This week we feature an exclusive interview with songwriter Mike Dekle. Read my editorial commentary to find out more about this week’s edition, and to access a surprise music tidbit: a quotation I’ve dedicated to Mike! If you own royalties, you’ll not want to miss reading my commentary and this week’s edition.